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Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret features some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Tonight I was pleased to discover that singer, songwriter, teacher, director and entertainer Lina Koutrakos has a blog on her website.   Although Ms. Koutrakos is noted as a blues, soul, pop and rock singer, she is a MAC-award-winning singer who also performs cabaret in such notable venues as The Metropolitan Room in New York City as well as the once famous but now defunct Rainbow and Stars, which, as James Gavin notes in Intimate Nights, was located on the 65th floor of 30 Rockerfeller Plaza (353).  She also has a Facebook fan page and several videos available on You Tube.


Her website includes a list of her upcoming and past gigs, photos, multimedia that includes her discography and videos, her biography,  listing of other projects, press and a very interesting blog.  It is her blog that I want to draw attention to, because it is Lina telling us what is on her mind in terms of a wide variety of topics dealing with music and singing.  Her most recent post talks about how different musicians make you sing differently.  She also talks about songwriting and her personal thoughts on a wide range of topics.  For the cabaret enthusiast, I also recommend you read an interview that she gave that talks about some of her thoughts on cabaret–very interesting.  Here is one great quote from that interview from Ms. Koutrakos:  ”I tell people to sing to the back of the room, but instead of vocal projection, it’s seeing the movie in your mind, letting everybody else watch you watch it. Think of a close-up of Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice. You watch her feel. Same way you go to the back of the room in cabaret.”


She gives workshops for cabaret singers and also directs cabaret shows for other entertainers.


Here is Lina Koutrakos from the 1989 MAC Awards show, where she sings “You Don’t Own Me”:



And here she is from the 1990 MAC Awards ceremony singing Ann Hampton Callaway’s song, “Wherever You Are”:



And this is an appearance on The Today Show, where she shares her remarkable and inspirational weight-loss accomplishment:



I encourage you, if you are a cabaret entertainer or an avid audience member, to check out Lina Koutrakos’ website and blog!

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