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Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret features some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Today we’re featuring a nightclub website that will take you back to swinging nightclubs of yesteryear, and it’s called Maxwell DeMille’s Cicada Club.  The Cicada Club is located at 617 South Olive Street in Los Angeles, in the historic 1928 Art Deco Oviatt Building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Entrance to The Oviatt Building, home of Maxwell DeMille’s Cicada Club

Source:  By Los Angeles (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons.


Maxwell DeMille’s Cicada Club is a vintage nightclub supper club that offers dining and dancing for the patrons, as well as musical entertainment and song and dance numbers by The Satin Dollz.  The venue is also available to rent for special events.  On the website, you will see that the club is described thusly:


With the grandeur of a classic Hollywood musical from the thirties, Maxwell DeMille’s Cicada Club is a most unique experience that transports you back in time to the glamorous days of Hollywood’s golden age of nightclubs.


One of the fun things that the Cicada Club offers for those that live outside the Los Angeles area is a live broadcast, which you can see online.  The next online show is tomorrow night, Friday, August 31st, at 8:30pm Pacific Time, and will feature The Johnny Holiday Program.  The show includes Dean Mora and the Melody Boys along with the Satin Dollz, and is a show, according to the website, “in the style of Johnny Holiday’s uncle Bing Crosby’s classic radio program.”  Special guest stars for Johnny Holiday’s show include Emily Bergl, Dennis McNeil, Jean Veloz, Jody Byrd and Richard Halpern.


There are many wonderful acts that perform at the Cicada Club.  Some of them include:


  • Mark Tortorici and The Torchlighters
  • Dean Mora’s California Poppies
  • Richard Halpern’s Hollywood Cavalcade with The Blue Serenaders Orchestra
  • The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra
  • The Jive Aces
  • and many more


If you’ve ever been to a traditional jazz festival, then you may know how much fun it is to dance to a 1920′s style jazz orchestra.  I speak from personal experience of dancing as well as performing, and if you have the opportunity, you will not want to miss it, and this club offers just that!


To make the experience of visiting The Cicada Club more fun, the staff all dress in vintage hotel and nightclub attire, and there is a dress code for patrons as well.  It states that “The Cicada Club has a dress code enforced by Mr. Smith our practically perfect doorman. Men: coat and tie. No jeans, tee-shirts, zippered jackets, sweaters or athletic shoes. Ladies: cocktail dress, skirt or pant suit with matching jacket. Many of our patrons enjoy dressing in early 20th century vintage (1920s through 1950s) or contemporary evening attire (black tie and evening gowns). Do you want to be the only one at the club who is not properly dressed? At a minimum jacket and tie for men, dresses for ladies, please. The above can be modified on costume themed nights such as Halloween and the Armed Forces tribute.”    I love this!


Here is a video from The Cicada Club:

And an example of one of the shows that’s been done at The Cicada Club–Richard Halpern’s Hollywood Cavalcade (there are many of the shows available for you to see on You Tube):

What a fun venue that keeps vintage style and entertainment alive and well in Los Angeles, and even offers an online broadcast for the rest of us.  I highly recommend you visit the website for Maxwell DeMille’s Cicada Club!

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