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This is a recording of nightclub singer Janet Brace.  James Gavin, in Intimate Nights, says that “This sprightly, diminutive singer performed at Le Ruban Bleu in the early ’50s” (364).    He goes on to mention that she recorded an album entitled Special Delivery in 1956.  There are also a few recordings of Ms. Brace singing with various bands on You Tube.  Enjoy!


Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret will feature some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Today’s cabaret website that I am excited to bring to your attention is Swanktown.  Swanktown is the brainchild of Geoffrey Leigh Tozer, who describes himself as “a Jazz singer/pianist and “radio fabulist”, and whose motto for the site is “Living swank is the best revenge”.  He is a great entertainer because of his fantastic storytelling skills and writing skills.  You will find that earlier parts of the Swanktown website were found online at Sly Crooner of Swanktown.  Mr. Tozer has an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.  He offers several CDs of his music at the website, and his podcasts can be heard on radio stations overnight throughout the United States, he is on Sirius XM Book Radio Channel 80, and you can subscribe to his free podcasts online as well (scroll down to the bottom of his homepage, where several of the podcasts are linked to hear them).


If you are in the mood for some cabaret fantasy, this is your website.  The stories that Geoffrey Leigh Tozer creates for Swanktown can be heard on his creative podcast, and I would suggest that you give them a listen first, because they set the ambiance–lounge lizard–and the tone–tres hip– for the entire Swanktown experience.  He describes the show thusly:


The stories take place in the Royal Palm Court Lounge high atop the majestic Hotel Alto Nido overlooking beautiful downtown Swanktown at the corner of Easy Money Street and Looking Good and Feeling Good Too Way. Meet the Mayor of Swanktown Mr. Lucky, the hotel physician Dr. Peculiar, ladies man sine qua non Cosmo D. Gigolo and the ever ravishing fortune teller Slow Kitty (wait ‘til you see what she’s wearing tonight).


According to his website,  Mr. Tozer performs “in small theaters, cabarets and major venues. Recently he headlined at the Sixth Annual Los Angeles Storytelling Festival. But his true calling is on the radio as a storyteller. “It’s all I want to do, I absolutely crave it” he says. And he has developed the character and the radio show Sly Crooner of Swanktown.”


Cabaret enthusiasts will be delighted by the characterizations of all the stock characters that you will find in lounges if you perform at them for any length of time, at least in years past.


Here is a little taste of Geoffrey Leigh Tozer and Swanktown, from a recent performance at the Gardenia:



For the cabaret enthusiast, I recommend Swanktown!


Is there a cabaret blog, website or performer that you would like to see featured on McElrath Cabaret? Leave us a note in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


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