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In honor of the great work that Richard Skipper has done on behalf of Carol Channing, here is her wonderful rendition of “Before The Parade Passes By,” which she performed at the Tony Awards.  Enjoy!  And here is some additional information about Ms. Channing’s Foundation for the Arts.


Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret will feature some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Today’s cabaret blog that we are pleased to bring to your attention is Richard Skipper Celebrates.  The subtitle for this blog is, “A blog of celebration!  Of Life, Entertainment, and the Things I like!  And Keeping the Arts Alive!  Doing it right . . .Doing it big . . .Giving it Class!”  Mr. Skipper is a blogger, entertainer, and ardent arts supporter.  He has an online presence not only at his fantastic blog, but also Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.  He also has a Facebook page for his upcoming book on productions of the musical Hello, Dolly! called “Call On Dolly: A Celebration of Hello, Dolly.”


Ms. Skipper’s bio is extensive.  He has performed a critically-acclaimed Carol Channing tribute act off-Broadway,  has been an associate producer of the cabaret Bistro Awards in New York City, was recently featured in a film about Channing called Carol Channing:  Larger Than Life, performs his own show entitled “To Carol Channing With Love,” teaches workshops for entertainers called “Creating Higher Visibility” with a focus on social media, is currently campaigning to have Carol Channing receive a 2012 Kennedy Center Honor, raises money for The Dr. Carol Channing–Harry Kullijian Foundation For The Arts, has performed on WindStar Cruise Lines as an entertainer, is writing a book about famous productions and cast members of Hello, Dolly, has been a host for fantastic evenings of entertainment and open mic called Wednesday Night at the Iguana with Dana Lorge, and much more work extensively in New York and beyond.  (When does he sleep–I’m exhausted just listing this!)


His blog features his thoughts on different topics of his choosing relevant to entertainers, including cabaret artists. What I love are his interviews that he blogs about.  Here you will find several personal interviews that he has conducted with famous performers from Broadway to Hollywood to cabaret and more.  Of particular interest to the cabaret enthusiast are some of the interviews he held with Amra Faye-Wright, Joan Jaffe, KT Sullivan and so many others prominent in cabaret today.  Other helpful posts for cabaret entertainers include “Cabaret is Alive In NYC,” and another article that I found full of great ideas for building your cabaret audience entitled “Networking In The Cabaret Community . . . Or Any Other Community For That Matter!”  You know my love for talking about clothing for cabaret, and if you are like me in this regard, you will also love his post on “Put On Your Sunday Clothes!  Dressing For Success Both On and Off Stage.”


Mr. Skipper has a very engaging writing style, and you will get caught up in his enthusiasm and obvious love for cabaret as well as other forms of entertainment as you read his enjoyable blog posts.  Happily, he does have an extensive archive of blog posts going back to 2009 that you will want to check out.  His posts are predominantly about very classy entertainers, and those of us who want to become better at entertaining will learn a great deal from the stars that he interviews, as well as his own valuable points on entertaining and the business end of being a successful working artist.

I highly encourage you to visit Richard Skipper Celebrates!


Here is one more video of Richard Skipper after a performance of his Carol Channing show!


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