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Roslyn Kind singing “What Love Has Done For Me.”

And because I love this song, here is Ms. Kind with Jerry Herman’s “It’s Today!” from Mame:

Ms. Kind’s official website, and there is a great interview that author Patty Farmer conducts with Ms. Kind included in Farmer’s wonderful new book The Persian Room Presents–enjoy!


Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret will feature some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Today we’re featuring a cabaret blog entitled Miyazaki Cabaret Update:  DC & Beyond.   Michael Miyazaki is the proprietor of this wonderful cabaret blog, with a focus on what is happening with cabaret entertainers and cabaret shows in the Washington, DC area as well as other spots in the country.  This cabaret blog began back in 2007.


Mr. Miyazaki, a cabaret entertainer himself, tells us that the purpose of his cabaret blog is “ to give info about happenings on the scenes, and my experiences in the cabaret world.  And maybe some tangential goodies too.”


There are several wonderful categories that will be of interest to any cabaret enthusiast.  Some of them include:


In the Ron-ing Around section, I really enjoyed his post about the Chicago Midwest Cabaret Conference from 2011.  He offers some notes that were taken while at the conference, with tips such as “sing even without words until the story is over,” and “get out of your own way.”  Good advice!


And the Diva 5+1 feature will give you a great deal to think about as a cabaret performer.  Mr. Miyazaki’s interview questions, and the answers that the cabaret stars offer, are exactly what you would want to know if you are trying to learn to be a better cabaret entertainer.  There are many posts, some including interveiws with Judy Kuhn, Liz Callaway, Julia Murney, Lina Koutrakos, Tommy Tune(!), and many others.  Yummy!


As a cabaret performer, you will also glean a great deal of insight by reading the At The Keys section of this blog.  Music directors tell you, in their own words, what works for them and what doesn’t when they are working with a cabaret singer in putting together a cabaret performance.  The music director is often the unsung hero of the cabaret show, and I am glad that attention is paid to them here, and the huge amount of work and talent that they offer to make the cabaret singers that they back sound great.

In the Thoughts category, I found a great and heartfelt blog post from Matt Howe, a fantastic cabaret entertainer  who was featured on a recent Cabaret Question Wednesday post at McElrath Cabaret.  He talked about Publicity for your cabaret show, and the challenges he faced in presenting his first show.  It is the real-life answers to situations that every cabaret entertainer faces that make me really appreciate this blog, and the helpful tips that you can get from many of the posts in this extensive and informative cabaret blog.   For the cabaret enthusiast, I heartily recommend Miyazaki Cabaret Update:  DC & Beyond!


Is there a cabaret blog, website or performer that you would like to see featured on McElrath Cabaret? Leave us a note in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


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