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Here is Les Michaels, cabaret entertainer and publisher of the “Life Is A Cabaret” newsletter, with one of my favorite songs–”I Believe In You.”  An upbeat, happy song from the Broadway musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying that leaves the audience with a great message–enjoy!


Thursday is the day of the week when McElrath Cabaret will feature some of our favorite cabaret blogs, websites or performers. Today we’re featuring a cabaret newsletter, the author of which is based in Palm Springs.  I am excited to bring to your attention Les Michael’s Life Is A Cabaret Newsletter.  This man is a cabaret dynamo and proponent in Southern California.  He not only is the publisher of a fantastic cabaret newsletter, but he is an open-mic host for singers in Palm Springs, as well as a producer of musical shows and creative designer of cabaret promotional materials, not to mention that he is also a talented cabaret singer in his own right.  Les Michaels has an online presence on Facebook as well as his wonderful newsletter website.


The newsletter provides a wealth of information for the cabaret entertainer and enthusiast.  You may request the newsletter be sent to you via email at no charge, and you can then stay on top of all the cabaret events happening in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas.  He will also generously post information about your upcoming cabaret show, service or cd on the newsletter as well if submitted as he directs.  If you can make a donation to the site, it is appreciated, as it helps him to keep up with the newsletter expenses and allows him to continue to provide this free service to the cabaret community at large.


I always look for Les’s personal message that begins each newsletter.  I really like that, as a host of an open mic, he actually takes the time to list every singer who gets up to perform and even mentions the titles of the songs they sing–love this!


He also includes many full-color flyers for cabaret shows that are coming up in Palm Springs, Southern California, as well as for out-of-town shows.  I enjoy this because you get to see what other cabaret performers are presenting, and what their flyers look like, and it provides inspiration for your own creative work in cabaret.


Here is a flyer for an upcoming show running this weekend and produced by Les Michaels:


Also not to be missed is the information he presents in the sidebar of the newsletter (when was the last time you were told to look at a newsletter’s sidebar??)  There are cabaret gems here that you might not easily find elsewhere online, and it is obvious that he has taken great care to include some really fun items. For example, this week’s “Featured Video” section has a clip from a new DVD release of rare footage from Ethel Merman’s performance in Anything Goes.  Links to a pet-related site, a weekly clip from a Doris Day film and a cartoon of the week will lighten your mood.  Some heartfelt material on “The Gift of Joy” is appealing as well.  He lists other cabaret groups that you can join online as well.  He also includes a listing of cabaret venues and open mics around Palm Springs and Los Angeles.  If you are looking for work in the entertainment field (and who isn’t?), Mr. Michaels also lists upcoming auditions that would appeal to singers and cabaret performers, as well as an article by Washington, DC-based Michael Miyazaki entitled “Top Ten Tips When Creating A Cabaret Show.”


Here is a little more from You Tube of Les Michaels.  In this clip, he performs the Broadway classic “Lullaby of Broadway” at Blame It On Midnight.


And here he gives a little flavor of what it is like to participate in one of his fabulous cabaret open-mic nights, plus he sings the wonderful “Time After Time” with Joel Baker at the piano:


All of this wonderful cabaret information, and it just keeps coming week after week!  This newsletter provides some of everything that a cabaret entertainer would enjoy reading.  For the cabaret enthusiast, I recommend Les Michaels’ The Life Is A Cabaret Newsletter!


Is there a cabaret blog, website or performer that you would like to see featured on McElrath Cabaret? Leave us a note in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!



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