New Weekly Postings May Have To Go On Hold For A Bit

Whenever you try to tinker with a blog or a website, I’ve discovered that things get very complicated very quickly.  In order to do some of the things I want to do with the new weekly postings I outlined in an earlier post, I actually have to change this blog over from to, which is taking more time to accomplish than I originally thought it would.  This means that I may not be able to start in on Monday as I had earlier thought.

Just as soon as the blog is working the way it needs to, we will implement the new weekly postings! 

Have a good rest of your Sunday, and I hope you get to enjoy your favorite music and singers today in some fashion!



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About Athena at McElrath Cabaret

Athena McElrath is an entertainer with a love for theatre and singing. She enjoys delving in the area of historical cabaret, researching the singers and clubs that were in business from before 1920 to the present, in New York and beyond.
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