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Monday is the day of the week we host the McElrath Cabaret Soiree Linkup Party!  We invite you, if you have a cabaret blog or a cabaret website, to link up and join us.  If you are a cabaret enthusiast, we encourage you to click on the links and learn more about all of the wonderful cabaret entertainers that are out there!


I’d like to tell you a little bit more about blog linkup parties and how they can help you, if this is new to you.


I also love to garden, and have a gardening blog (Minerva’s Garden).  I started linking up to the Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage, where people who like to garden and have gardening blogs can share their latest posts, much in the same fashion as we do here.  I can tell you that participating in that online garden party got a lot of new viewers to my blog, and subscribers as well.  It really helped to increase the number of visitors to my blog.


This is why I wanted to apply this idea to the cabaret blog arena–to help all of the participants get more new visitors to our blogs.


If you are like us, you are trying to build your cabaret audience.  Usually, you can’t get booked into clubs unless you can reliably fill the room with paying customers.  One way to try to increase your audience is to build your web visibility and presence, and one great way to do that is to find new people who are interested in cabaret by participating in the Linkup Party.  I can tell you that linkup parties are very popular among those that have home decorating and DIY blogs–see Centsational Girl for example–she gets hundreds of participants to her linkup parties! (Not to mention 1.8 million pageviews per month–in short, she’s doing something right when it comes to online promotion of her blog!)   I thought it would be interesting to apply this idea to the cabaret blog/website  realm, and see what happens.   It’s really easy to participate.  In a nutshell:


  •   You need a cabaret-related blog or website to participate in the link soiree. (From here on out, when I use the term cabaret I mean musical, singing cabaret performance, NOT BURLESQUE OR PORN. Anything burlesque or porn-related that someone attempts to link will be deleted.)  EVERYONE is invited to click on the links and visit the blogs and websites, regardless of whether you have a cabaret blog or not! Don’t have a cabaret blog yet? (Here are some reasons why you should.)  It is not hard to create one in minutes, for free, at, or any of the other free sites that you prefer. Here is a link to, a free blogging service:     and another helpful site for learning blogging:  (I’m not affiliated with either of those and don’t get paid to promote them; I’ve just used and read them and found them to be helpful for myself.)  If you love cabaret, then this is the place to be!


  •  On Monday when the Cabaret Soiree opens, you can link to any posts that you’ve written that are cabaret related: for example, tell us about a new show that you are about to perform or are in the process of creating, tips, ideas, progress, performance reports, your observations (polite ones, not mean-spirited please–if you have something negative to say about a performance, please leave out the performer’s name and write in general terms) on cabaret performances you’ve seen recently (or not so recently if they were memorable in some way), maybe a video of you performing or in rehearsal, before/afters in cabaret performance–it might be how a song performance grew for you or the style or look of your show, your thoughts on a composer or lyricist whose work is heard in cabaret shows, your thoughts on music and stage direction for cabaret, ideas about arrangements for cabaret songs, favorite books you’ve read about cabaret performers, and how-to’s for cabaret-related topics–marketing your show, organizing the business end of cabaret, performance tips, writing patter, favorite sound equipment for cabaret, song selection, clothing to set the style for your cabaret act, etc. Basically, if you thought it was important enough to blog about it on your cabaret blog or put on your cabaret website, then share it with us!   If you have a cabaret website, you may link to your “About” page, or link to video performances you have done, or a page describing your shows.  Links will be open from Monday through Thursday of each week, so you can post all the way through Thursday, August 30, 2012.
  •  IMPORTANT:  PLACE the Cabaret Soiree logo/button on your blog or website and link back to the Cabaret Soiree at McElrath Cabaret  at your website or blog so that your readers will be able to find all the links to the others who are participating at the Cabaret Soiree party this week.    Please link back to McElrath Cabaret’s Monday Cabaret Soiree (feel free to use the button in the sidebar or at the top of this post, or use a text link–either is fine!) to let others know where to come for some cabaret inspiration! To put the code into your blog post, you simply copy the code in the code box in our sidebar, then on your blog post near the top of the page there are two tabs—visual mode, which is where you type in your post content, and html mode, which includes all the code for the post. Switch it over to html mode by clicking on the tab, and this is where you insert the button code. I think it’s easiest (read: less confusing if you don’t know code) to put the code at the bottom of your post, but you can put it wherever you like. You can switch it back to visual mode and you should see the button in your post!


  • Please link directly to your blog post URL NOT your blog name URL.  With a cabaret website, post a link directly to a page of your website, not the website name URL.


So join us, won’t you?  We look forward to reading your posts, seeing your website pages and hearing from you in the comments below!


Love, KJ and Athena McElrath of McElrath Cabaret!

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We appreciate your support!

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Athena McElrath is an entertainer with a love for theatre and singing. She enjoys delving in the area of historical cabaret, researching the singers and clubs that were in business from before 1920 to the present, in New York and beyond.
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