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 One of the headers from the fantasitc blog:  Songbook1

Today, Thursday, is when we will feature some of our favorite cabaret blogs or performers. I thought I would start with Songbook 1, which is a very helpful and entertaining blog.

Songbook 1 features a little commentary about different singers and song titles, and then follows that up with a very complete listing of all the You Tube and other videos that are currently available that feature that singer or song.

The author of the blog, who goes by the online name of “Doc”, states that “Songbook is devoted to the standards of pop and jazz, the composers and lyricists who created them, and notable performers.” The author goes on to relate thatSongbook standards” is a category of songs which implies, in part, the presence of certain structural elements* in a composition and at least one familiar set of lyrics which is frequently sung, as well as broad appeal and currency in multiple genres. Although the classes of Songbook standards  and jazz standards frequently overlap, they are not the same. Many jazz standards do not technically qualify as Songbook standards, and vice versa.

There are also pages that list by year and by decade the hits and standards of that time period. In the sidebar is also included a very interesting Cabaret Corner link area, that features some of the top songs by top cabaret singers through time, including those by Greta Keller, Hidegarde, Michael Feinstein, Marlene Dietrich and many others. Songs from film and by film stars are also given special attention.

I have barely touched the surface of all the detailed information that this blog contains. The blog is a definite timesaver when you are starting your research on a particular singer or style of singing for your cabaret performance—the author has gathered a huge amount of the information that you will want to review all in one handy site. Grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to be drawn into a really unique and interesting blog!

This is a cabaret blog that deserves your attention,and I encourage you to visit Songbook 1!

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Athena McElrath is an entertainer with a love for theatre and singing. She enjoys delving in the area of historical cabaret, researching the singers and clubs that were in business from before 1920 to the present, in New York and beyond.
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