Chuck Israels and Company at Tony Starlight’s

Got behind in my posting, but would like to mention that KJ and I saw Chuck Israels and his fabulous band and group of singers at Tony Starlight’s on November 5th.  (Chuck was one of KJ’s college music instructors!)  The vocals were great–each singer had a distinct and different stage presence, which made for a very entertaining performance.  What really stood out to me was that very tried-and-true standards were performed, warhorses if you will, but the arrangements of these songs were what made this show truly stand out and shine.  The songs went places I did not expect them to go, but because the performers chose well-known tunes the audience felt comfortable because of course everyone was very familiar with the traditional melodies, so it was very interesting to see what harmonic variations were presented.  Only a five-piece band, but sounded much larger due to the considerable arranging skills of Chuck and his daughter Jessica, who also provided soprano vocals.  It was not only entertaining, but also educational from a listener’s point of view.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show.

They will be playing in other clubs around town, so if you have a chance, go see them!

A recent album by Chuck Israels

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