Cabaret Tip Tuesday At McElrath Cabaret: Use A Theme To Organize Your Cabaret Show Material–Join Us!


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Nightclub star pianist Walter Liberace, here performing the song “Tenderly.”  Liberace played at the New York nightclubs Spivy’s Roof and Le Ruban Bleu in the 1940s according to James Gavin in Intimate Nights.  Several You Tubes are available for Liberace, and there is an overview on Wikipedia, as well as The Liberace Foundation and Museum in Las Vegas, and a listing for Liberace on IMDB, as well as the biography Liberace:  An American Boy  – Enjoy!


Welcome to Cabaret Tip Tuesday at McElrath Cabaret, where we offer cabaret performance tips to help you put together a great performance at your next show!


Today I’m thinking about preparing a cabaret show, so my tip for you today is this:  Use a theme to organize your cabaret show material.


This is a basic idea that cabaret entertainers use when they start to put a cabaret show together.  For example, KJ and I had several songs that came from 1920s through 1950s Broadway and Hollywood that we enjoyed singing, and we decided to create a show with the theme of classic Broadway and Hollywood, which eventually turned into our latest show, entitled “From Broadway To Hollywood:  A Celebration of Song.”  We made sure that all of our songs and patter tied into that theme in order to give our show a specific focus.


You may already have several songs that fit into your theme, but chances are you will need to do some research to find the perfect songs to round out your theme show, as well as research background information on each song, the writers and the shows that the songs came from, as well as entertainers that originated the material on stage and screen,  in order to create patter that works with the theme.  We certainly did, but the search was worth it in order to create the various moods that we wanted to with our audience.


Hope these Tuesday cabaret tips help–let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover here, and we’ll do our best to work through them!


Are you preparing an upcoming show? Are you using a theme?  Leave us a note about it in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


Till next time, 



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Athena McElrath is an entertainer with a love for theatre and singing. She enjoys delving in the area of historical cabaret, researching the singers and clubs that were in business from before 1920 to the present, in New York and beyond.
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4 Responses to Cabaret Tip Tuesday At McElrath Cabaret: Use A Theme To Organize Your Cabaret Show Material–Join Us!

  1. Great post, once again! You are so good at your schedule!
    We have, of course, have been to the Liberace Museum, and even put on one of his fabulous sparkly jackets! The museum is currently closed and we are hopeful it will open again. They even had cabaret shows there and used his mirrored piano.
    I am putting my first ever solo show together and while I want to keep some of it under wraps until I am closer, my theme revolves around….shoes! ;-)

    • Hi Karen: You always leave the nicest comments–thank you! How cool you’ve been to the Liberace Museum–it sounds like a lot of fun. And how exciting to be doing your own show–congrats, and send us information so we can post it here! Love shoes–sounds like a fun show theme!

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