Cabaret Tip Tuesday at McElrath Cabaret: Our Top 5 Cabaret Tips From 2012–Join Us!


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Here is the lovely jazz and cabaret singer Pamela Luss singing at The Metropolitan Room.  Here she is joined by the fabulous Jon Weber on piano (who accompanies K.T. Sullivan at times), Houston Person on Tenor Sax, Jon Burr on bass, and Alvin Atkinson, Jr. on drums.  A nice vocal and instrumental blend–I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Happy New Year to you all!  So glad to be back and starting up with a regular posting schedule once again.  We had a great holiday–saw a couple of productions of A Christmas Carol, had friends over and hosted a couple of piano bars at our house, and much more.  I’m gearing up for a Shakespeare audition in the next few weeks, continuing work with Fuse Theatre Ensemble in Portland and enjoying working on a couple of new cabaret shows. We recently attended the Portland Ragtime Piano Society’s open mic and got to play and sing a few songs for that wonderful group at Elevated Cafe, then walked next door to Curious Comedy Club and took in a wonderful Cabaret show by the 3-man group called Men@Work.  Wonderful show, and fab voices!  You should see them the next time they do a show if you are in the area.


Today I’d like to share a roundup of our Top 5 Cabaret Tip Posts from 2012.  These tip posts continue to be favorites among our readers, and so we will continue writing them for you every Tuesday!  Today I’m sharing the posts that readers visited the most in 2012.  They are listed in order from the most viewed post at number one.


1.  Clothing To Flatter The Cabaret Performer:  What we wear when we are on stage speaks volumes to the audience about who we are and what our show is about, so clothing choices are super-important for the cabaret artist.  I give some suggestions for men and women for cabaret clothing choices that will help you look and feel good when you are on stage.


2.  Networking To Build Your Cabaret Audience:  As I share in this post, networking is where it’s at if you want to build your audience base (and who doesn’t??).  I offer some tips about where you might begin to network to meet others who are interested in cabaret.


3.  A Venue Idea For New Cabaret Singers:  It’s tough to find cabaret venues, especially if you are outside of the New York City area, but I offer an idea to help new cabaret artists get started successfully.  This is a good one if you are looking for a venue where you don’t have to pay to rent it, a common occurrence anymore for putting on a show outside of the heart of the Big Apple.


4.  Keep It Simple:  This post deals with keeping it vocally simple when you are singing in your cabaret show in order to let the acting moments shine.


5.  Read A Good Cabaret Book For Inspiration:  Sometimes you need to look outside yourself for inspiration for your cabaret shows and work as a cabaret artist, and I offer a cabaret title that is a favorite of mine.


I’d like to share my favorite posts with you as well, and will do so soon!


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Hope these Tuesday cabaret tips help–let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover here, and we’ll do our best to work through them!


As a cabaret singer, what would you add to this conversation?  Leave us a note about it in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


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