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Just a quick tip tonight:


Use every means available to you to network, and in this manner to build your cabaret audience.


How and where can you network?  Here are a few ideas:


  • Open mics:  If they will allow you to sing, get out there and go to the open mic.  In our area, they are more jazz oriented, but it never hurts to give it a try–you might meet some new people in the audience that groove on what you are doing.
  • Online:  Build your online presence.  You can have a website, a blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, and join the Cabaret group on LinkedIn.  There’s also a cabaret group on Yahoo Groups, which is mostly based with people in Los Angeles, but does accept posts from cabaret singers all over the country.  Admittedly, online methods work best with your younger audience members, in general, so keep this in mind, but every one of these methods is free to use.
  • Send a newsletter to your cabaret email list periodically:  Once a quarter, it’s a great idea to send a little letter to your list.  Tell them where you’ve performed, what you are working on, and what shows you have coming up.  Give contact information, booking information, and ticket information for all of your events that you offer.  Include pictures if possible–everyone wants to see you in action!
  • Network with other cabaret entertainers in your area:  Is there a local or regional cabaret association for where you live?  Join it!  They will usually then allow you to submit your information about upcoming shows so they can post it online to their association members.  You can also then make posts online periodically to let the association know what you are up to in terms of your cabaret career.  You might also consider hosting a small get together with as many of the local cabaret artists in your area as you can.  Just get together to start talking, and maybe as a group you can figure out some ways to promote and grow cabaret in your local area.
  • Go to other cabaret singers’ shows:  If you support them by showing up at their shows, hopefully they will reciprocate.  Cabaret is a very small world, so if you show that you are a supportive person, word will get around.
  • Try something new:  You want to meet new people who might be interested in your cabaret offerings, so you’ll want to see if you can attend some new events or even meetings.  Remember, corporations and foundations often are looking for entertainment for office parties, so if you can meet members of these organizations it may help you.
  • Start a Meet Up Group:  This is an online method for easily organizing an event.  You could start small and just have a casual meetup to sing at your home or try to set something up where you can hold your meeting and sing at a local restaurant.  You never know who might show up, and it’s another way to meet people who are interested in cabaret entertainment, either as singers or as listeners.
  • Consider joining forces with a theatre ensemble or group:  There is sometimes some crossover from cabaret to theatre audiences, because both of these audience members are into storytelling.  A theatre company might be able to use your music offerings as part of a fundraiser, for example.
  • Leave your home and computer, get out and actually go meet up with some friends:  Talking and mingling with people is really the very best way to network.  Get together with your friends, and leave all the electronic gadgets at home for a few hours.  It’ll all be there when you get back.  Just go hang out and talk to people.  If they like you, they might come see your show.


What other ways have you discovered for networking to build your cabaret audience?  Let us know in the comments!


Hope these Tuesday cabaret tips help–let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover here, and we’ll do our best to work through them!


As a cabaret singer, what would you add to this conversation?  Leave us a note about it in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


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