Cabaret Tip Tuesday At McElrath Cabaret: Don’t Confuse A Headshot With A Publicity Shot–Join Us!

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The marvelous Ronny Whyte with “Let Me Show You My New York”–what a fun cabaret video this is!  Enjoy!


Welcome to Cabaret Tip Tuesday at McElrath Cabaret, where we offer cabaret performance tips to help you put together a great performance at your next show!


Today I’m thinking about publicity tips for cabaret singers, so my tip for you today is this: Don’t confuse a headshot with a publicity shot for your cabaret flyers.


This is a tip I gleaned from The Cabaret Artist’s Handbook by Bob Harrington  and edited by Sherry Eaker.  Mr. Harrington suggests that a headshot and a publicity shot are two different things.  A headshot is what actors and other performers use when they are in the process of finding a job.  It should look like you look on a good day, not you all glammed up or you at your worst.  It is used by the booking agent as a means of identification for who you are.  A publicity shot, on the other hand, is used once you have a gig somewhere and you are trying to get audience in to see your show.  This should have some kind of a hook that draws the viewer in and that relates to your show in some way.  One of Mr. Harrington’s examples of a well-executed flyer picture was the publicty shot used by Mr. Jeff Harnar for his show that was based on the songs of Comden and Green, in which he was stretched out on his side in his tux, surrounded by Comden and Green album covers.  It was not just a headshot, although it did clearly show his face–it was different, it got the viewer’s interest (“What are those albums?”  ”Who is this guy?”), and it tied in very nicely to the theme of his cabaret show.


This will usually mean that you will have to shell out some money for publicity shots for each different show that you do.  You could also invest in a good digital camera and a friend who is good at taking pictures, and stage your own publicity shots.  The cost of doing business, but it can really make a difference in ticket sales for your show, so it can be worth it.


Hope these Tuesday cabaret tips help–let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover here, and we’ll do our best to work through them!


Do you use headshots or publicity shots when you are advertising your cabaret show?  Do you have any other cabaret show tips you’d like to share?  Do tell down in the comments! We always love to hear from our readers!


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