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It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for Cabaret Tip Tuesday, always from McElrath Cabaret!


My tip for you today is:


Consider your local downtown association when it comes to finding local cabaret venues.


If you live in a small town, you probably know that there is often a downtown association comprised of local business owners who want to bring more people to the downtown area to come shop.  Because of this, the town will often hold special events to which the public is invited.  It might be an Art Walk, or just an evening of the month where all the local businesses stay open longer, and many times some type of entertainment is offered, either in a central venue or at individual business locations, such as local restaurants or lounges, even theatres.  This may be an opportunity for you to find some new cabaret venues close to where you live.


You will want to do a bit of research online to find your local downtown association, and then determine who the events coordinator is.  You can introduce yourself to this person, and find out if they are booking musical entertainment and where, and take it from there.  These may or may not be big-paying gigs, but they do expose you to a wider audience than you might have at present, and can be a good way to get some cabaret gigs going for yourself.


Have you ever gotten cabaret work through your hometown downtown association, and do you have any tips for doing so?  Let us know in the comments!


Hope these Tuesday cabaret tips help–let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover here, and we’ll do our best to work through them!


As a cabaret singer, what would you add to this conversation?  Leave us a note about it in the comments below—we always love to hear from our readers!


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