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The talented Maude Maggart, here singing “Solitaire” at the Gardenia Open Mic.  Normally, this is a pop tune that I would not have thought twice about, but it becomes an occasion with this singer.  Lovely acting of the lyrics, and a gorgeous vocal tone set Ms. Maggart apart from other singers.  I hope you enjoy it!


Today is another roundup, and I’m going to share a roundup of our Top 5 Cabaret Through Time Posts from 2012.  These are short but hopefully informative posts on all types of cabaret singers, entertainers, venues, writers, and musicians who were or are involved in cabaret entertainment, and so we will continue writing them for you every Friday!  Especially for the ones who were known in times past, we want to remember them so that their names and contribution to the art form are not forgotten.  Today I’m sharing the posts that readers visited the most in 2012.  They are listed in order from the most viewed post at number one.


1.  Kay Thompson:  Kay Thompson was one of my very favorite entertainers.  I love her life story, and you should read the wonderful biography of her written by Sam Irvin for a full look at her life and work.  Her nightclub act is given a full account in his very detailed book.




2.  Dick and Kiz Harp:  This cabaret duo, who worked in Texas of all places, is perhaps less well known today, but they were fantastic cabaret entertainers in their day.  Both of their lives were cut short much too early, but some recordings remain.




3.  Fred Astaire:  We don’t really think of Fred Astaire as a cabaret artist, but nevertheless, he was the one who originated scores of standards that we still sing today in cabaret shows, so he definitely deserves a place in our lineup!  His autobiography is Steps in Time, which I recommend you read, and there are other biographies of him that balance out what he had to say about himself and add another layer to the mystique and talent of the great man.



4.  Matt Dennis:  The wonderful composer and entertainer who penned such classics as “Angel Eyes,” “The Night We Called It A Day,” “Everything Happens To Me” and “Let’s Get Away From It All.”  Cabaret entertainers today still remember him and sing his songs, which are perennial favorites due to the wonderful lyrics and memorable melodies that he created.




5.  Wallowitch and Ross:  This Moment:  This was one of my favorite Cabaret Through Time posts, too.  John Wallowitch and Bertram Ross, in their later years, did many cabaret shows together, and really did a fabulous job of getting to the heart of the lyrics in the songs that they shared with their audiences.  I wish I had known them personally, but if you can you should watch the video entitled This Moment, which chronicles their lives in entertainment.



I may revisit this topic and share my favorite Cabaret Through Time posts with you as well, so stay tuned!


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