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Fridays are the day when we at the McElrath Cabaret Blog present blog posts in our Cabaret Through Time series. We present historical cabaret singers, entertainers, venues, writers, and musicians, and often include cabaret videos. We hope that you find it informative!


Nancy LaMott (1951-1995)–A Cabaret Star That Left Us All Too Soon


The voice and life of Nancy LaMott are renowned in the realm of cabaret entertainment, and I wanted to share some of her wonderful songs at Cabaret Through Time this week.  (I did also include a Nancy LaMott video at yesterday’s post as well.)  Beautiful vocals and honest renditions were how she made her mark in the field of cabaret entertainment.


Information about Nancy LaMott can be found at her tribute website, which includes many links.  Details about her memorial service were published on Cabaret Hotline Online.  She has a page on Wikipedia, and is mentioned on IMDB.  There is also information about Ms. LaMott’s album Ask Me Again on the AllMusic website.  There is more information about the cabaret singer at the Nancy LaMott Fan Club website, and videos on You Tube, including an official You Tube channel.  She was mentioned in the New York Times as well.


Like everyone on this earth, Ms.LaMott went through both happy and sad events.  I won’t go into her biography in great detail here (but I encourage you to go to the link to her official website and read it), except to mention that she sang all of her life, starting in the midwest, then moving to San Francisco and eventually to New York to perform.  She was ill for most of her life, and spent time performing interspersed with time in the hospital.  Although an operation did help her to regain her health and she was at the zenith of her cabaret career from 1990-1995, at the end of her life, she developed cancer, which was her cause of death at age 43 in 1995.  However, I would prefer to spend time focusing on the beauty she brought into the world through her cabaret singing.  She had an illustrious career in cabaret, was an award-winning entertainer, and was invited to perform at the White House and on national television shows.  She collaborated on projects with composer/conductor David Friedman, pianist/arranger Christopher Marlowe, and her director Scott Barnes.

Happily, Ms. LaMott sang on several recordings that are available today.  They include:

  • I’ll Be Here With You
  • Live At Tavern On The Green
  • Beautiful Baby
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • My Foolish Heart
  • Just In Time For Christmas
  • Listen To My Heart
  • What’s Good About Goodbye

From her official website, we learn that Bob Harrington of the New York Post wrote about Ms. LaMott that “There is no more beautiful musical instrument than the voice of Nancy LaMott.”

Another bit of good news is that there are several You Tube videos featuring Nancy LaMott, many of them showing her performing live in some of the wonderful cabaret venues in New York City and beyond.  I’ve included some of my favorites below–enjoy!

“Remember/Always”–at Don’t Tell Mama, New York, 1988:


“Hey Daddy”:  Don’t Tell Mama, New York, 1986:


“Listen To My Heart”:  Performed at Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 1991:


“Time After Time”–Performed on Good Morning, America TV show, December 31, 1993:



What are your favorite songs performed by Nancy LaMott?  Did you have opportunity to see Nancy LaMott entertain?  Please leave a comment below and tell us about it–I would love to hear from you!


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2 Responses to Cabaret Through Time Fridays At McElrath Cabaret: Nancy LaMott–Join Us!

  1. Ahhh, Nancy LaMott!! She is THE reason I even found out about the world of cabaret and fell in love with it! For me, there 2 songs that define her work and also showed me that you can truly make a song your own. The first one is “Blue Skies”. A most simple of songs, really. I’d sung it and heard it many times, but not until I’d heard Nancy’s arrangement and voice did I actually HEAR the song and understand it! I remember feeling completely enlightened!! Secondly, “We Live On Borrowed Time” is so beautiful and her live version is just astounding. Athena, I think you have inspired me to write a post about Nancy as she is truly the one who turned me towards my true love of cabaret! Thank you SO much for posting those wonderful videos. ;-)