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Cabaret entertainer and television star Emily Bergl, performing the standard by Fats Waller, “Ain’t Misbehavin,” which is from her album entitled “Emily Bergl Live at the Algonquin: Kidding on the Square.”  Love all the patter in the middle–she is working the crowd and they are enjoying it!  Ms. Bergl was on the television series Desperate Housewives, she is listed on Wikipedia and IMDB.  She is on Facebook and Twitter, and has several entries on YouTube. (She is supposed to have a website located at, but I could not bring it up.)  Enjoy!



Wednesday is the day of the week when we at McElrath Cabaret post a cabaret question for the consideration of our readers.  The questions  have something to do with cabaret, in all its many aspects.


We encourage you to send us any cabaret question that you have that you would like us to pose to the group! You can leave a question in the comments section below, or you can email it to us at kjandathenacabaret [at] Just fill in the [at] with the @ symbol—we need to foil the spam bots, don’cha know.


Last week’s question was this: What is the top cabaret room in your hometown?


I thought it would be fun to put all the responses that we got into today’s post, so here goes.  I’ll start with my answer to the question:


Here in Portland, Oregon, there are 2 with which I am acquainted:  Tony Starlight’s Supperclub and Lounge, and Wilf’s.  Both are not exclusively cabaret rooms yet do have cabaret shows on a semi-regular basis.  Both offer jazz performances predominantly, with Wilf’s decidedly heavier on jazz performances, as well as on occasion Tony Starlight’s offering other types of music and special entertainment events.  Both offer nice rooms for cabaret shows.


A reader in Las Vegas wrote:


We are SO excited in Vegas as we now have a truly remarkable cabaret room in our new Smith Center for the Performing Arts! Here is the link to our Cabaret Jazz room which has already featured artists like Jane Monheit and our own local celebrity and truly extraordinary talented artist-in-residence Clint Holmes features a monthly show. The Center is so beautiful and houses a full-fledged theatre, Reynolds Hall for touring shows and acts and plans for much more! Culture is here in Las Vegas! Just a couple of Sundays ago, we saw Idina Menzel present her concert “Barefoot with the Symphony” pops concert and it was amazing! We are hoping to make it to one of Clint Holmes shows very soon and we will give you a full report! ;-)


A reader in Durham, NC wrote:


I’m in Durham, NC and we don’t have a specific cabaret room. Nor is there one I know of in any of the nearby burgs, including the state capital, Raleigh. Barbara Cook and Andrea Marcovicci have given performances in the area, and both were at huge venues with many hundreds in attendance.


A reader from London wrote:


Thank you for asking!
A great cabaret venue in London is The Pheasantry, Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3. It has real style, is airy and not claustrophbic, a decent piano and good PA system (always helps!) At my one performance there so far, the audience were warm and appreciative and seemed to know exactly what I was “about”.
I understand that it was once a “swinging 60s” club and that the Stones, Beatles etc used to frequent it.


We also got 3 comments from people in California and Australia from my post on LinkedIn  (We are on Linked In–feel free to connect with us there, and join the Cabaret group there!)


One Californian said:

Catalinas jazz and supper club of course… I book Roslyn Kind and Freda Payne there we love this room


Another person from California said:


I’ve been Lovin the Gardenia lately but I’m monthly at live at the lounge in Hermosa beach, CA and it is awesome!


A reader from Australia wrote:


Stockholm Syndrome is my pick for Brisbane, Australia.


This is a great response to last week’s question–thank you everyone who responded!  I will do my best to post more questions of interest to cabaret entertainers, but please, always feel free to drop us a line, either in the comments below or send us a direct email, and let us know a cabaret question that you would like us to ask, and we’ll do our best to include it in an upcoming Wednesday post.


I truly look forward to your joining the conversation with your comments! We value each of our readers very much, and hope to entertain you and give you a place to come and learn more about cabaret.


Have a happy Fourth of July everyone!


Till next time, 

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