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Here isthe cabaret singer Barbara Lea, from her 1955 album entitled A Woman In Love.  Enjoy!


Yesterday K.J. wrote a post about using the right fonts for your online promotional materials for your cabaret show.  I wanted to extend this idea further, and so today’s cabaret question is this:

What are your favorite fonts to use on cabaret flyers?

If you have your own publicist, then you don’t have to worry about fonts.  However, if you are like most of us, you end up doing a lot of your own publicity, and this often includes the creation of a flyer for your upcoming cabaret performances.

I like fonts that are free, easy to read and vintage-looking, because our shows tend to center around classic cabaret music.  You can give potential audience members some subtle clues about what your show is about or the feel of your show by the type of font you use.

Here is a list of my 25 favorite fonts, all of which are free.  To find them, simply go to your favorite free font sites.  A couple that I like are 1001 Free Fonts under their “retro” heading, and, but there are many others that you can try.  You can type in the name of the font you like into the search engine line on these and other font sites, and you will find free fonts in this manner.  You download them onto your computer, and if your using Vista operating system the computer adds it to your font file automatically; if you have an older operating system like Windows XP, you ‘ll also have to add the fonts to the “Fonts” folder in your computers Control Panel.  As long as it’s a True Type font, you’ll be in business.

Many of these are what I would call “accent” fonts.  In other words, you could use them for a line on your flyer, but not for all the text on the document.  We often use four, five fonts or very often more than that when we create our show flyers.


So…what are your favorite fonts for cabaret flyers? Let us know down in the comments!


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