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The fantastic Molly Pope, here singing at the Duplex’s open mic show in 2011 the Jerry Herman classic, “If He Walked Into My Life.”   In listening to this, and I could be mistaken, but I get the feeling that the accompanist wants to run ahead of her, and there is a bit of a battle of the wills going on between singer and pianist.  (I know about this–I’ve been there myself!)  It is definitely a very hard job to try to accompany people on the spur of the moment that you might never have worked with before on a song that you may or may not know, so I will cut him a little slack, but to my mind, in a cabaret setting, the singer is the one who always sets the tempo.  Just a thought, and I hope you enjoy this lovely rendition!


Today I’m continuing with the roundups, and I’m going to share a roundup of our Top 5 Cabaret Question Posts from 2012.  These question  posts continue to be favorites among our readers, and so we will continue writing them for you every Wednesday!  Today I’m sharing the posts that readers visited the most in 2012.  They are listed in order from the most viewed post at number one.


1.  What is a saloon singer?  This was our most-visited question and answer, and one that I wrote quite a while ago.  The term “Saloon Singer” isn’t often used anymore, mostly I think because there are so few clubs or saloons anymore where one can go to hear a singer entertain an audience,but the idea is important because it helps us understand what the atmosphere is like when a good cabaret singer is entertaining an intimate crowd, and thus the question has been a perennial favorite here among our readers.


2.  Writing Patter?  Another favorite question and answer post, and for good reason.  If you haven’t seen many cabaret shows, you might be at a complete loss as to what to talk about in between songs.  There is a knack for writing good patter, and here we offer some tips to help you with this important aspect of your cabaret show.


3.  How do you pick a good name for your cabaret show?  The name you give to your cabaret show is an important factor when it comes to marketing the show and getting audience members to attend, so it’s worthwhile to spend some time in choosing a great name for the show.  Here in this post we give you some ideas for how to do that.


4.  How have you networked this week to promote your cabaret career?   Although you can network online to promote your cabaret career, we have found that it makes a huge difference to get up, get out of the house and go meet some new people.  In this post we offer you some ideas about where to go to find some like-minded people who enjoy cabaret entertainment.


5.  How do you talk to a cabaret booker?   At some point, you will want to get your show up in front of an audience, and likely you will have incurred some expenses in mounting it, so you will also be looking for ways to make some money from it to cover your costs.  You will be talking to men and women who book the local venues where you like in order to see if they are interested in booking or hiring you to do your show.  You’ll want to have some key questions and statements mapped out in advance in order to make the most of these meetings, and we give you some guidance in this regard.


I may revisit this topic and share my favorite questions with you as well, so stay tuned!


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