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This is a trailer for a documentary about piano bars–interesting.  I encourage you to watch this in order to gain a better understanding of what piano bar is like, and I hope you enjoy it!


I’d like to follow up with yesterday’s post about finding places to create a piano bar with today’s cabaret question:


Is there a piano bar in your hometown?


If your hometown is New York City or Los Angeles, then clearly the answer is yes.  However, if you are outside these major entertainment hubs, I am curious as to how available piano bar is to you.


In Portland, Oregon, there is a little bit of piano bar available.  There is one supperclub that ordinarily offers piano bar once or twice a month, and that is Tony Starlight’s Supperclub and Lounge.  At this time of year, they are booked with holiday shows and so offer no piano bar until likely after the New Year.  Another venue, Wilf’s, which is primarily a jazz club, at one time offered a monthly piano bar that was hosted by members of a local theatre company, but it hasn’t been listed on the event calendar for several months now.  There are several jazz jam sessions/open mics, but this is not the same thing at all as a piano bar, which happens somewhere that food and drink are available, and where audience members can get up and entertain the audience by singing the story contained in the song lyrics, and where the pianist will entertain through piano-playing virtuosity and singing.  There is a kind of family that is created by all the people who participate at piano bar, because everyone can participate, either through singing or listening.


Is there a piano bar in your hometown? Let us know down in the comments!


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